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Testimonials for Dolphin Migration Services Australia

"Looking through the countless pin up ads in the University notice boards on migration agents got me all confused and lost. There were so many of them. I did not know which one to call and most importantly which one who would respect my privacy and handle all my documents with confidentiality. I decided to go online and do a Google search. Dolphin Migration popped up and was given a good rating by Google & Alexa toolbars.

I sent an email & Dolphin Migration responded almost instantly. I was able to communicate & liaise with my appointed agent without a face-to-face meeting. That saved me a lot of time. The day came when I needed to fill in the PR application form. It was a breeze. I met up with the agent & started to fill in the forms without a hassle. Prior to my visit, Dolphin migration had made sure that all the necessary documents were ready when I arrived. After the visit, I was able to communicate with my agent virtually through email. The email response time was so fast it amazed me.

Never at any one time did Dolphin migration fail to respond to me. They not only responded professionally but were very prompt too. Their professionalism and diligence were clearly displayed in all my dealings with them. During the entire application process, I knew my documents were in safe hands and there was nothing I needed to worry about.

A score of 100% to Dolphin Migration for friendliness, professionalism, competency, proficency & most importantly, absolute commitment.

I am totally impressed. Thank you Dolphin Migration. Keep up the good work".   

J. Tan

"I must say that you have been the best Migration agent I have spoken to, real advice which was what I wanted."          

I. Travell

"I found DMS by chance whilst looking through the vast amount of sites on the web site in relation to migration to Australia.  Lady luck certainly shone down on me that day!  I have to date received an excellent service from DMS. They have given me the hope and determination to make my dreams come true.

I feel that DMS are very committed and enthusiastic towards their work.  It is very easy to see from the level of service and quality of information that they provide that they do everything they can to help your case and give you the outcome that you are looking for.  If an application fails, it certainly won't be because of a lack of service from DMS.  I feel that they provide and excellent service and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in the future."      

- S. Poole

"When I read instructions on the Web for professional immigration to Australia, I thought it is impossible thing. Then, we found your services and your agent clarified the steps and overall methodology of the process in excellent time manner. I find we progressed very good on my case. I couldn't imagine it would go so smooth with the great support of DMS agent."  

- L. Aghazada

"My wife & I truly appreciate the good & timely advice we received throughout. As a result, every decision we made was an informed one.  We are thankful that we chose Dolphin to represent us."  

J. Theseira

"I really have no way to show you both, my happiness & my gratitude, but I want you to know that I really appreciate all your efforts, I am sure that your advice, guidance & fine work was the key for this achievement!"  

- F. Bessega

"When I decided to immigrate to Australia, I realized that the application process was cumbersome. Thus, I decided to hire the services of an immigration expert. Even more complex than the application itself was to choose an immigration agent since there are hundreds of them. At the end, I narrowed my list of agents to three. All three seemed to be reliable until I reviewed their service agreement. After reviewing the DMS agreement with my personal lawyer, we determined that DMS offered a fair agreement for both parties. This was a key factor in my hiring DMS.

At the beginning of the customer-agent relationship, I was very worried about sending money to a firm that I have never seen before. However, DMS quickly made me trust them because they kept me informed of every detail of my application, including when payments made were received by DMS. DMS considered my piece of advice about including credit card payments in the payments options. Credit card payments make life easier for third world immigrants.

DMS made excellent work in guiding & reviewing my skills assessment application. So good was my application, that  it was processed by the IEA in around 1 week. Amazing.

Now, that I have received confirmation that my visa has been granted, I am just more sure than ever that DMS was the right immigration firm to hire. DMS is a firm that creates value to its customers based on its immigration expertise & service commitment.?  

- J. Asencio

After Edmund's speedy response from our web enquiry, we completed the free of charge assesment. Edmund replied within hours that we stood a good chance of getting a resident visa. Edmund works in a precise & methodical manner & very much kept our feet on the ground when our over enthusiasm was in danger of getting the better of us !! Edmund's attention to detail has paid off and we were granted our visa last week. Fantastic !! Thanks Edmund for all your hard work and efforts ! 

I & N Muir

Edmund, thank you for the good work. Aside from being a pleasure to work with, Edmund from DMS is without doubt a stickler for getting the job done right the first time. He is very knowledgeable about his business, reliable & dedicated to details, & his work highly professional.

Our migration application was smooth & approval was quick. He is, without doubt, the best Migration Agent you can count on!  

  Y Ong

We are extremely grateful to Edmund for all the hard work he put into helping make our application a success. We will definitely be recommending Dolphin to our friends & family. Top marks for all areas surveyed!

- C&W Hammerton


Unnamed Clients

  • "Personal, individual and fast treatment"
  • "Efficient"
  • "Most impressed with solution and suggestions"
  • "Fees very reasonable for the effort put in"
  • "Would definitely recommend Dolphin to friends"
  • "Clear instructions for clients to follow"
  • "Being kept informed promptly"
  • "Integrity : unquestionable"
  • "Reliability : always exceeded our expectations re quality & speed of responses"
  • "I've asked the most trivial of questions but have never been made to feel like a timewaster"
  • "Strengths : patience, responsiveness, clarity of instructions & breadth of knowledge"
  • "Value for money"
  • "You really gave me hope, light & security over the whole process"
  • "I am convinced that I wouldn't have made it without you"
  • "I would not have been able to achieve what I did without your guidance"
  • "Let me dance around a while & enjoy the good news"
  • "I have no words, thank you very much."
  • "Thanks for all the effort you have put in on our behalf. I am convinced that your assistance proved invaluable as you know exactly what the case officers are looking for. This has made life so much easier for us & avoided a lot of repetition & false starts."
  • "Thank you very much for your excellent professional support given to us in getting our visas to Australia. Without your support, we are sure that our migration process will not come to a success."
  • "We never would have come to this point without your awesome work. We always had the feeling being in good hands. Thank you very much!"
  • "U wouldn't believe how much your mail made; 2007 seems so much brighter suddenly!"
  • "I had the opportunity to speak to my employer today & they are happy for me to commence next week. I owe much of this to you & I am very thankful for all you have done."

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