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DMS Clients' Testimonials - contd(1).

My husband and I were considering migrating from the UK to Australia or perhaps NZ so figured the smoothest way would be to have an expert on board.  My first stop was a Google search on "migration agent Australia". Cripes!! Over 83,000 entries.  How do I tell them apart?

I looked at a few web-sites amongst the first 10 Google results and sent off an initial enquiry to DMS (a smart, clear, professional web-site and based in Perth?.friends had told us that Perth was a great place to live).  I was nervous!  Anyone can have a slick web-site these days.  How do I know I?m not going to get fleeced by some long-distance con-artist? I checked out DMS with the Australian Migration Agents' Registration Authority (MARA).  All clear there, phew!

I then set about grilling Ed Lee at DMS with a million and one doubting-Thomas questions?..all the answers were quick, good and clear.  After an initial free evaluation Ed indicated that based on qualification points, we ought just to be eligible to get a permanent residency visa - we signed up with DMS.  Well this is a decision I have since NEVER regretted!!

In parallel with my initial enquiries to DMS I had a brief exchange of communication with a large NZ migration agent.  I would ask them e-mail questions on the Monday.  By the time the agent had taken a few days to dictate his response, then another few days passed for the secretary to type up and return the response it could take over a week for me to hear back to even the most basic of questions.  Ed on the other hand must survive on no sleep as despite the different time zones he has never failed to respond within 12 hours (but more usually less than 4 hours) to all my e-mails and questions (and boy do I ask a lot of those!)!!!!  His rapid responses are not just a quick courtesy holding e-mails either?.they are always full, helpful answers to my questions (no matter how trivial) ? comprehensive, clear and complete.

Yesterday we heard from Ed that our Visas had been granted!!  Big celebrations all round.  He was genuinely thrilled for us.  I was in tears of joy!!!  The whole assessment by the authorities is a long process but I knew from very early on that we were in the most capable hands possible.  Some-one was looking down kindly on us the day we found DMS and I will certainly recommend that anyone considering migrating to any part of Australia should look no further than DMS and Ed Lee!  THANK YOU ED!!!!!!

- R & C Jinks

In sincere appreciation of your expert guidance and professional advice that resulted in my getting my visa approved within such a short span of time, I am truly pleased to forward a letter of thanks & appreciation to you!

When I first decided to embark on my Australian visa application, I was at a loss & overwhelmed by the number of agencies both in Singapore as well as on the Internet offering such consultancy services.

After perusing your website & deciding to engage your company, I must say I never once regretted my decision as you had immediately provided me with concise directions on the procedures that led me to quickly come up with the necessary documents with ease.

Through the more difficult issues, you had patiently & promptly answered my queries, & helped me navigate through with your sound knowledge of the application requirements. Truly, without your guidance, I would think that getting my visa approved would have been a much, much more tedious task.

My family & I are truly grateful for all your kind assistance & may I wish you Good Fortune & Prosperity this Lunar New Year!


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