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DMS Clients' Testimonials - contd(3)..

My case was not straightforward. Prior to DMS, I engaged another migration consultant for help with the visa application. Despite guidance from that migration consultant, I failed twice in my skills assessment. The decision of hiring the wrong agent set me back by more than one & half years!

Prior to signing up with DMS, I spent around 2 months chatting with Edmund on my case which included details on my 2 previous skills assessment attempts. When Edmund lodged the skills assessment on my behalf, it was responded to quickly. I was excited.

After we received a positive skills assessment, Edmund & I worked as a team to align my skills & work experience to Immigration's visa requirements. We discussed various strategies to build a strong case for my application.

Numerous email documents were sent between Australia & Taiwan. This was part & parcel of the considerable work which went into preparing for my visa application.

I received excellent support from Edmund as a registered Australian migration consultant. He was professional, prompt & precise in his responses. The processing of my visa application went smoothly. After some 6 months, we achieved a favourable result.

As a management consultant, I'm generally very picky about things. Despite this, I worked very well with Edmund. I had confidence in his experience & judgement - I trusted him.

Over the course of the application, Edmund provide me with valuable guidance. He was also able to offer helpful tips & suggestions which I felt added value to the final quality of the application.

If you do get a chance to work with Edmund, I truly believe you will be proud to have him on your side!

- Elic C. Lam, Taiwan

[Visa Granted 14 Oct 2005, Visa class BN subclass 136]

I?ve never really thought about migrating to Australia until job requirements allowed me to relocate to Perth Western Australia. During my 3 years there, I had my first child and realized that the country is an excellent place for my young child. The nature, fresh air and vast open space allowed young children to fully enjoy a wholesome childhood.

Before long, I was toying with the idea of migrating to Australia and Dolphin Migration Services came up prominently when I was searching for a reputable agent online. Making the final decision, I decided to give Edmund a call and he suggested meeting up for a no obligation assessment of my current qualification and the chance of making the move.

After making the initial assessment and understanding my constraint, Edmund had given me all my options and additional documents that would make my case stronger. He has proven to be very proficient in what he does and that instilled great confidence in my application. Without further hesitation, I signed up with Dolphin Migration Services as my first step in making my move.

Throughout the process of getting all other relevant documents, Edmund had provided helpful tips in making my case stronger. And finally, the application was submitted in October 2005.

Because Edmund had ensure all relevant documents were in order, there was no need for me to resubmit addition documents. This I believed would have delayed the processing of my application.

Finally in Jan 2007, I got an excitable email from Edmund breaking the good news to me. I had been granted the Visa that allows my family and I to move to Australia. Edmund had signed off welcoming me into Australia and wishing me good fortune on my new status and that gave me the human touch that many other service providers are lacking. There was no mistake signing up with Dolphin Migration Services. Thank you.


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